Fake Valets

Captain Dudley has focussed on chronic crimes, and namely a scam that occurs on Embarcadero quite a bit, that of someone impersonating a parking lot attendant. Problem is, the cars that park there get towed. I witnessed this in Hayes Valley once – and it seems to be more prevalent during special events. Quoted blotter after the jump.

Officer Kim Koltzoff responded to numerous complaints about a fraud scheme on the Embarcadero. One suspect in particular would stand near “self-park” parking lots and accept payment from the customers. Losses amounted in hundreds of dollars and in some cases vehicles were towed in error.
Officer Koltzoff arrested the suspect repeatedly over several months. This week the suspect was prosecuted for several of the bundled offenses and sentenced to 18 months in jail. This was great work by a determined officer.

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  1. SF_Socialist (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 3:05 pm

    Note that the suspect was arrested SEVERAL TIMES. This most likey wasn’t Officer Koltzoff’s fault. The DA for some reason isn’t prosecuting these people.

    Imagine how much money we spend as taxpayers to have this officer devote so much time to this one issue only to have the offender back on the street again and again.

    This is the person that is responsible for prosecuting offenders. Crime is OUT OF CONTROL in SAN FRANCISCO. Tell her to lock them up!

    Kamala Harris, District Attorney
    850 Bryant Street
    Hall of Justice, Room 325
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415) 553-1752

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