Gifts for Guns!!!

Gifts For Guns ?

With San Francisco’s murder stats adding names weekly often daily this year so far, the city that supposedly “knows how ” has decided to try getting people to respond to a shopping spree invite, rather than the murder spree option.

That’s right folks, this weekend show up at Civic Center, and get a $150 gift card for any semi-automatic, or if ya only have a 12 gauge or 22 caliber rifle, then they’ll throw ya $100 Gift Card…

But if yer packin real heat , an assault rifle, or say a Mac-10 or some sort of Chinese made AK-47…any fully automatic, well you’ll be able to grab $200 worth of shopping pleasure…

details & rules of engagement after the jump…

pic from wikipedia

Gifts For Guns
Saturday, July 28th
Civic Center Plaza

No Questions Asked
No I.D. Required

Bring in an operable firearm and receive the following:
$100 Gift Card = Rifle or Shotgun (i.e. 22 caliber rifle, 12 gauge shotgun)
$150 Gift Card = Revolver or semi-automatic pistol (i.e. 9mm pistol, .38
$200 = Assault type firearm (i.e. A.K. 47, Mac 10, Tech 9)

Here’s how you do it:
Firearm must be unloaded
Firearm must be operable
Firearm must be in clear plastic bag and put into another container (like a gym bag)
If you are turning in ammunition, it must be in a separate plastic bag from the firearm.
If you are transporting by car, transport the firearm in the trunk of a car.

no mention of what to do if yer taking Muni… but keep your eyes peeled on Saturday you firearm-a-phobes… cause this city is gonna be packing!

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  1. TinMan (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 7:46 pm

    I know you’re trying to make the City a better place, but I’m doubtful that the Metroblogging SF readership is the demographic that is involved in the City’s violent crimes.

    More likely, your typical Metroblogging SF gun owner is a well-paid, high-tech libertarian exercising his/her constitutional right (or effective privilege, if you see it a different way) to bear arms (or, in this case, a firearm) by owning a pricey Glock, Sig Sauer, etc. and not some crummy $20 Saturday Night Special.

    Again, your intentions are good, but is this place the right one for this message?

  2. ed (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 8:44 pm

    I agree with Tinman but it doesn’t hurt to try and get the word out.

  3. TinMan (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 8:52 pm

    The problem with “getting the word out” this way is alienating your readership.

    This is a relevant topic in a relevant media situation, but let’s face it, if readers’ eyes are going to glaze over if they see something irrelevant, is it appropriate?

    It does hurt to get the word out in some instances.

  4. dln (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 11:12 pm

    Do I hear $1000 for this here howitzer?

  5. sw (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 8:12 am

    Tinman, no one implied that the readers are likely to be involved in violent crime. Some of us might know people that could be helped by this program. I don’t see a problem with that.

  6. What (unregistered) on July 26th, 2007 @ 1:51 pm

    What type of gift cards are they giving?

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