Supervisor Ed Jew’s home/office raided by Feds

City Hall blogger Luke Thomas at The Fog City Journal has reported this evening that the FBI raided first term District 4 supervisor and florist Edmund Jew’s home today, supposedly looking for evidence of cash transactions on his computer…

Jew is a relative newcomer to city politics, having mostly been preoccupied with running the Chinatown flower shop on Waverly Place his grandfather started over 80 years ago. His business made news awhile back when security cameras in front of his New Canton Flower shop recorded three youths assaulting a homeless man.

Although considered a conservative, and is a former vice president of the County Republican Council, he’s now claimed membership to the Democratic Party. He’s sided with the mayor and Sean Elsbernd on many issues, but shown some independence in his votes on the board. Within the past few weeks he’d voted No with Chris Daly against the Hunter’s Point Redevelopment & Stadium Project, No in a 9-1 vote against the city taking a loss on a PGA golf event at Harding Park, and No in a losing battle alongside Elsbernd to the idea spending $28 million of city money on affordable housing.

Jew’s mainly been known as an advocate for small business and is an advocate for Sunset neighborhood schools, and getting rid of the city wide “diversity index” particularly in the city’s westside which artificially creates percentage based standards for ethnicity/race in school populations. He alos serves on the board of the Chinese holocaust Museum.

His most controversial issue lately though has been somehow making a few calls to the Mayor, and getting the repaving of Noreiga St moved up a year or two, which did not go unnoticed in city political circles.

For more on Jew’s troubled situation as it develops at Fog City Journal

and SF Gate

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