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Richard Gazowsky is the pastor of the Pentecostal Church in SF and is the founder of WYSIWYG Filmworks, a film production company based in SF that strives to spread the message of Christianity through entertainment. About a decade ago, Gazowsky saw the first feature film of his life. Shortly thereafter, he received a message from God that he was to make a film of epic proportions to spread the word of God (or, as they say in the documentary, “Star Wars” meets “Ten Commandments”).

Audience of One is a documentary about Gazowsky and his first foray into filmmaking, directed by Mike Jacobs. The documentary follows the pre-production process of “Gravity: The Shadow of Joseph”, the little film that couldn’t.

WYSIWYG has high expectations and spares no expense to produce the greatest film ever made, with a multi-million dollar budget, the best in filmmaking equipment and a principal shooting in Italy. One has to admire their strength to keep on keepin’ on, but you also wish that these Christian filmmakers would be more rational about the decisions they make based on blind faith. They make seemingly irrational mistakes that cause anyone watching this documentary to squirm, but their wide-eyed, naive approach makes you want to root for them at the same time.

After all, they are making this film for God, their “Audience of One”.

This film is somewhat like a “making of” featurette for an epic film that you would find on a special edition DVD… except that the film is incomplete and has only completed two shots in its many years of production.

Audience of One has completed its run at SFIFF, but you can check with Revolve Productions for any upcoming screenings.

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