Local Populations

Ate at Grand Indian Buffet (seriously, that’s the name) in the weird Santa Clara computer, defense, and web2.0 ghetto of Central Expressway and Lawrence, in Santa Clara, last week-end. For an amazing array of other Indian Cuisine restaurants, here’s Yahoo’s handy map.

We had a wager on population. Folks who work and live in Santa Clara set it at 1M (I think they were thinking county, and weren’t far off.) I was talking the city, though, and it’s one of those random suburb areas within about 6 other large suburb areas so amorphous and difficult to estimate. I’m one of those weirdos that relates all populations to my hometown, Cupertino (52K). Santa Clara, I had a feeling, was bigger but not much bigger. Mountain View is a whopping 140,500. How did it get big so fast?? Oakland: 400K. SF: 780K. San Jose- topped 1M so now we’re the San Jose, SF Oakland Bay Area. So have you figured out an estimate for Santa Clara? Turns out to be: Santa Clara: 102K. Other big pops: Beijing: 15M, NYC: 8M, London: 7.5M. US pop is 280M. I know folks are going to write in about changes in these numbers- all I can say is, looked ’em up on wikipedia, which references census 2005 estimates (real census was 2000).

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