Now Playing at SFIFF: Murch

murch.jpgMy first love has always been film. I always watched these beautiful moving pictures with starry eyes, yearning to create a piece of art such as the ones I saw on the big screen. But what I really want to do is… edit.

I attended film school for a short period of time (at local institution Academy of Art), hoping to someday be a part of this process. I immediately took a shining to the meticulous and methodical process of film editing.

Film Editors are often overlooked as the real backbone behind a feature film. They are the strong, silent partner that stands behind the director for every film. One of these such masters is Walter Murch. Murch is the editor behind such great films as The Godfather series, Apocalypse Now, THX 1138 and The Conversation (which, I will add, is a film shot here in SF), amongst many others. I have long admired him for his artistic and technical prowess.

Studio Ichioka has created documentary about Mr. Murch, appropriately titled Murch, which is more of a intimate conversation with the acclaimed film cutter than an observational documentary. Murch speaks for the full length of the film on the art of editing, technique, and his thoughts on the films he’s worked on.

It’s a lovely portrait of a wonderful artist who has certainly gone underappreciated by the general public. Highly recommended for film buffs and casual viewers alike, it will give you a new perspective on the way films are made, and even how you view the world itself.

Murch plays tomorrow, May 5th (its last SFIFF screening) at Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.

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