New Crush: Baron Davis

OK so I have cable now and can watch the Warriors in HD (and yes, just watching because they’re finally playing well…). Last night’s game was great, and I have a new crush on Baron Davis. That’s news! He’s so good, and sarcastic. The ejecting-move last night, clapping with the Dallas crowd on his own technical foul- could have been, as King Kaufman says in his article, a kind of “yes I screwed up, it’s funny” clapping or it could be a “you ref’s are great, yes you are” kind of clapping. Nonetheless, I hope the home game is a different story for my man Davis. Also another point in his favor- as he’s escorted off the floor, he goes quickly and nicely whereas Jackson puts up a time-consuming tantrum. Oh so silly: Nelson fining the players. Whatev.

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