Crazy as hell cab ride

I just got into SF from LA and rushed right off to see people die on big wheels (photos coming soon). Coming back from the BYOBW race we grabbed a cab that was pretty much straight out of Dude Where’s My Car. First off the cabbie had a friend in the passenger seat and second off the were both stoned as hell. Like, totally. Complete with lots of “duuude” and “yeaaaah” and lots of “so, like, did you ever build radios when you were a kid?” and “You ever seen how some people turn their windshield wiper sprayers to the side and spray people?.” When we asked about the passenger she said “I’m just along for the ride, though being a taxi driver seems like a cool job, but too much work because I guess you gotta take like classes and stuff.” Luckily we escaped with no contact high.

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  1. Jason D- (unregistered) on April 9th, 2007 @ 12:59 am

    You forgot that she was eating toothpaste the entire trip!

    But they did find Jaschu’s phone and brought it back. Even though they charged me $20 because they were in the ‘loin buying meth, downers and some more tartar control minty lunchness for the “I love my flowbee” chick.

    Home dentistry is a bad idea but home haircuts have a more immediate impact. Mostly not good.

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