Non News Is News As Usual…

AP has put out a story quoting high end Bay Area restauranteurs who are shunning imported bottled water in favor of tap water, or in some cases in house carbonation & filtration systems.water.jpg

Is it really news to drink a glass of Hetch Hetchy’s finest from the tap?

who knew?

In other massive headline making non-revelations making the rounds…
Old Tunes
Apple’s I-Tunes music store will allow users to download something called “albums” which is apparently an archaic form of music amalgamating once popular in a previous century.

In further retro rock tomfoolery, folks at Clear Channel’s corporate concert arm “Live Nation” have rebranded NYC’s Irving Plaza as the Fillmore New York. The rebranding will of course mimic SF’s historic venue by including free apples, a red colour scheme, and some vintage posters with the typical ten dollar per ticket surcharge we all love. W.C Fields will be pleased to know that SF’s rock legacy will also be exported to his favorite Pennsylvania city when the Fillmore Philadelphia opens later this year. (Sorta reminds me of a few years back when clueless Clear Channel execs attempted to rename Market St’s Warfield Theater as The SF Weekly Warfield, that is until the owner of the building sued insisting that the leaseholder’s of the venue had no right to the venerable location’s actual name. The altered sign was taken down, and it’s simply the Warfield again.)

Oh and MC Karl Rove has once again proven that white men can’t dance. No word on tourdates for his act, although it is unlikely to play big in the Bay Area where Rove’s previous productions have not sold well.

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  1. plug1 (unregistered) on March 30th, 2007 @ 7:24 am

    “im still gettin swoll off bread and (tap) water” – ice cube

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