Wrestling With A Rock & Roll Heart Attack…

This Thursday March 15th is a special hard rocking benefit concert at The Bottom Of The Hill to benefit 55 year old former Bay Area classic rock radio personality from KOME/KSJO Dennis Erectus who has no medical insurance and is recovering from a heart attack.

countdante comic book adThe gig is being organized by Count Dante, a custom kimono wearing, larger than life persona ,known as The Deadliest Man Alive. The Count delivers “THE WORLD’S ONLY KUNG-FU ROCK AND ROLL SUCCESS SEMINAR” that according to his own statistics “has transformed millions of WORTHLESS LOSERS into MARTIAL ARTS MILLIONAIRES!” Now he hopes to transform some of that mayhem into money for a friend in need.

Count Dante, by some accounts a local UPS employee, is also by night a rock n roll super hero of epic proportions, and had been managed by Erectus previously when wrestling in the deadly Rocktogon as part of the great ribald SF based shebang known as Incredibly Strange Wrestling, which regularly packed the Fillmore, and toured the US & Europe.

Here’s Dante’s reminiscence of Dennis’ contribution to the Bay Area’s rock n roll radiowaves:

Years before Howard Stern hit the airwaves, Erectus perfected the shock jock formula but did it with a kind of intelligence that made him a uniquely Bay Area phenomenon. He was the nighttime deejay at KOME 98.5 during the station’s most envelope-pushing years in
the late 70s and 80s.  Erectus & The PoontanglerWith such raunchy skits as “Celebrity Gang Bang,” Erectus’ show was the slice of airtime that had
thousands of South Bay 13-year-olds (such as myself) strapping on transistor radio headphone sets because we didn’t want our moms to know what we were listening to. Unlike Stern, who would use a similar shtick to make fun of the homeless and mentally disabled, Erectus’ targets were always racists and the powerful elites. Televangelists, the Reagans and Maggie Thatcher were often on the receiving end
of those audio gangbangs.

Read more on the event, it’s sponsors & supporters, see a pic of Dennis smashing a chair onto the Count, and grab a Count Dante mp3 of the song Redwood City Rock City featuring Dennis Erectus, all after the dreaded jump…

Dennis has been at San Mateo Medical Center since his Thanksgiving Heart Attack, and since he was employed only part time as a rdio station engineer, he had no medical insurance. Hopefully some of the money raised can help an old Bay Area rocker out.


at the Bottom of the Hill1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri)
San Francisco, CA 94107

featuring COUNT DANTE & the BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY, a dangerous show biz combo formed in the name of spreading Dante’s powerful message, and who have two albums on their own label Hofbrau Dojo.

SF Black Metal Legends STONE VENGEANCE

and THE MAKES NICE a new project from Josh of The Fucking Champs.

If you can’t make it to the show and would like to contribute, donations are being accepted in Dennis’ benevolent account. Checks made out to either Dennis Netto or Dennis Erectus may be sent or brought to account administrator Jona Denz-Hamilton care of :

KBAY Radio 190 Park Center Plaza #200, San Jose, CA 95113

Here’s that mp3 I promised you from The Count that has a special Bay Area historical footnote, with Redwood City being lauded for it’s role in being the home of AMPEX for many years. Sadly the company killed off their magnetic tape division a couple years ago, but anyone whose ever gotten a “studio tan” could tell you that Ampex 456 was the shiznit…

mp3 download:

Counte Dante & The BDFS – Redwood City, Rock City ( with Dennis Erectus)

more music from The count at http://www.count-dante.com/

Dante has also organized a SPECIAL RAFFLE to RAISE MORE MONEY FOR DENNIS at the show

attendees can compete for prizes generously donated by local businesses including:

Amoeba Music, The Isotope Comic Book Lounge, Edmond A. Zingaro, M.D. (use this prize to augment your breasts), Comic Author and Cap Killer Ed Brubaker, ArnoCorps, and Sam Adato’s Drum Shop!

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