Ritual & Clover

So my brother in Seattle pings me that Clover, a new coffee company, is putting some machines into Ritual Roasters and I should go check it out. I emailed some friends who live nearby to see if they’ve noticed the new machines- it’s a very precise brewing of coffee, basically. French Press, but moreso. I head in today and talk to the guy roasting coffee, and he confirms that he made his first Clover coffee this morning. He made me some Ethiopian-Limmu, and I have to say it was really yummy. It’s a kind of precise creation of a single cup of coffee- beans ground and put into an espresso-like machine, where the water, etc. is all done automatically. There are a lot of settings, I guess, and sometimes it’s only as good as the barista managing the machine.

I usually put milk in my coffee to kill the bitter, but these are so refined, you don’t have to. So I had my first black coffee in quite a while. I recommend it- same cost as a cup of coffee but really quite good. “Hints of lime and lemon” he said, as I tasetd it. He wanted to get it at a little different temperature, but to me it was heaven.

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