Bonds, Giants sign contract; Bonds on KNBR at 5 pm

bondsback.jpgThe Giants and Barry Bonds signed a one-year $15.8 million contract last night, 54 days after announcing that a deal had been reached. The nearly two-month hiatus and the news that Bonds had tested positive for amphetamines in August of 2006 and had blamed teammate Mark Sweeney for having the amphetamines in his locker — leading to much speculation that the Giants might be looking to get out of the as-yet-unsigned deal — will be forgotten once the 42-year-old left fielder starts hitting home runs.

Bonds will appear on KNBR radio at 5:00 pm today.

KNBR presenter Gary Radnich, by the way, mercilessly attacked writer Barry Bloom today for his toadying to the flawed slugger during a telephone press conference last night — an event that the San Jose Mercury’s Ann Killion wrote:

There was a definite sense of shame about the proceedings Monday. An hour before the announcement, a Giants official was making unsolicited calls to media members who have been critical of the organization.

The spin was on. There was so much spinning on the other end of my phone line that my head started to hurt. Spinning about how this was best for the team, about how the Giants got assurances from Bonds, about how they are laying down the law now. About how they’re going to “start from scratch.” From scratch? With an almost-43-year-old who is embroiled in the biggest drug scandal in sports history?

But back to the KNBR morning show. I think Radnich is hilarious whenever talking about Bonds. Once of his riffs is that Giants management is so unconcerned about issues of morality or ethics in their players is that if Charles Manson could hit .280 and steal 30 bases a season, he’d be in the two-hole. You haven’t lived until you’d heard Radnich trill “Little Chucky Manson, he’s a scrappy second baseman! Let’s get him out there every day!”

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