Bonds close to signing contract?

It’s been almost two months since the Giants and Barry Bonds agreed on a one-year deal for his services in 2007, and today the AP is reporting that the problematic slugger is in town ready to sign the contract.

The news comes after weeks of speculation that the team was looking for ways to get out of the agreement, especially after anonymous sources revealed Bonds had tested positive for amphetamine use and tried to blame a teammate as the source of the illegal substance. But talk has died down in the last week, and the parties may be headed for closure.

Incidentally, I noticed a few days ago that KNBR, the team’s flagship radio station, has started promoting the coming assault on the all-time home run record, which Bonds needs 22 more home runs to tie.

The commercials, consisting of an audio montage of radio announcers’ home run calls and frantic crowd cheering, interspersed with an announcer promising history in the making, betray none of the ambivalence some of the station’s regular presenters have shown about the record chase. Morning show host Gary Radnich, in particular, has been unsparing in his pox-on-all-their-houses approach. If anything, he shows slightly more sympathy for the no-win situation the team management is in. As in: if they do sign him, they’ll have to hold their nose as he breaks the home run record, with everyone wondering how legitimate some of those home runs are. And if they don’t sign him, they’re looking at the dullest team since the early 1980s.

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