Toilets in North Beach

OK, never say I didn’t warn you…

I’m at Spec’s last night, go to the little girl’s room, and sure enough they are having an issue with their plumbing. My granddad taught me almost everything there is to know about bathroom plumbing- it was an odd fascination with him- as he rigged an extra shower/bathroom in his garage for some reason. Nothing so advanced was an issue at Spec’s, tho, so I plunged, wash my hands, return to table. I notify the table that we may want to leave as there’s plumbing issues. I also inform the bartender who is like: “Thank you so much! Nobody does it, but that’s why they’re there!” Needless to say, I got a free drink.

I was telling the above story to Lauren, and she reminded me of the last time we went to Iluna Basque. Similar crisis in the Ladies’, but, unlike Spec’s, it was more serious and the waiters didn’t want to deal with it. Reportedly she had to use her feminine wiles to get access to the employee’s bathroom in the adjoining cafe, where there were “boxes and boxes of Naked Juice for the taking.” She didn’t of course. As if!
*sorry for no photo- my camera is in intensive care- not that you’d want any visuals for that story, either!

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