Yelp Elite Party Implosion

I’ve enjoyed these in the past, but last Wednesday’s Yelp party at SupperClub was a special kind of disaster. For funny wrap-ups — far more well-written than mine!– check out Yelper’s own renditions of the night. My favorite tidbits:

from laura b:

“Dude. A guy who lived in my dorm at NYU is a waiter here. That makes me sad. How do you go from promising star in one of the best film schools in the country to delivering jello custard cups wearing nothing but spandex short shorts and cat face paint?

to: carla d (thanks Lauren for the tip)

“Thank you Nish and the rest of the yelp staff for having a great concept in mind when organizing this event. It must have been stressful for you when it started sucking so much ass. ”

Sigh. The big issue in my mind was that the tiny cocktail area was full of all of the attendees of the event, while the big club and dinner area was reserved for the diners- Yelp Elite, but of those the % that decided to pay for dinner- so it was a non-fire-code situation of alarming claustrophobia. We ended up leaving for coffee with the hope of returning, but then ended up just bailing. So some amusing reading, and if you stayed in that night, you made the right call.

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