No Cover “Chosen” Beer

HE%27%20BREW.jpg What is THAT beer doing under my tree?

This morning after dropping a fare at SJC, I passed by the new BevMo on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen. Noticing a Grand Opening banner on the storefront I wondered how the business was faring.

Any chain store opening in Willow Glen is met with trepidation. When Longs announced wanting to locate here alarms sounded throughout the village. Everything from too much traffic to shopping carts hanging out on every corner would be the ruin of us all. Longs is now a fixture and so far Willow Glen has suffered no curses.

  BevMo went through much the same. Overheard in the Glen the quivering voices–What will become of the wine shop up the Avenue?– We already have a liquor store!–Dirty men will be sitting in the gutters tossing back little brown bags. Hide the children! Hide the dogs!

I parked my taxi and slipped into BevMo hoping that none of my local customers would spot me. Unfortunately the shop manager was not in and the acting manager was unwilling to talk about their success or lack of it to me. She would only say that they were happy.

While there I thought I might as well pick up some beer for Christmas. What to choose? What would be more fitting than a beer labeled the “Chosen”–HE’ BREW beer it is.

What does any of this have to do with San Francisco you ask?

Today, Dec. 10th

San Francisco, CA
Hotel Utah Saloon:
HE’BREW Beer’s 10th Anniversary Tribal Gathering
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 546-6300
Did I mention NO COVER!

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