A message from aliens?

what is it?

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I keep staring at the arcane symbol of the theater and mall in the new development of downtown Redwood City and I still can’t figure out what, if anything, it’s supposed to be. It makes me think a little of the golden record sent out on Voyager. A sort of angelic streetlight? A broadcasting tower? A 70s funk album? The flag of the planet of Dorkadelica? A thing with two heads? A smiley with a very long sticky-outy tongue? What? And then why is it upside down and repeated?

I’d like to know what the designer was smoking…

It also made me think (with a bit of a shudder) of the fake Babylonian architecture of the big mall thing at the confluence of I-5 and 405, in Irvine, which was sort of pretty but outweighed by its creepiness factor, the way it was like a fortress built for crowd control.

It’s really nice to be able to walk to the movie theater. It’s fancy, new, has an escalator which is possibly more exciting to little kids than the whole “movie” part, and it has the nice kind of seats. We saw “Happy Feet” which was on par with the tripped-out “art” of the theater development company logo. It was a good movie, while a little intense and cryptic for 3 or even 6 year olds. Just, the whole abrupt drumbeats and pulling back into space, alien abduction theme, and sad penguin hallucinations were a bit much.

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