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I live my life with a very “be here now” attitude. I appreciate what I have while it is right here within my grasp, and I don’t tend to linger over thoughts of what isn’t here with me. For that reason, when I go on vacation, there are things that I miss generally about San Francisco but I don’t really think about them much. Sure, I joke to friends and family in my hometown that when I feel the BART leave the city on its way to SFO, my heart leaps out and lodges itself somewhere in between Lombard Street and Coit Tower and I know that I won’t fully feel anything until I’ve returned my body to its rightful home. But for the most part, I enjoy my vacation and don’t really think twice about the city.

This attitude of mine exists much to the chagrin of my friends here in the city, who often feel snubbed by my ability to easily forget them when I am not here living life with them. But I’m the first to admit my faults, and this is one of them. I simply just don’t really miss people that I know I’m going to see again shortly. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. Interestingly, when I leave San Francisco, there is a person that I miss. No, there’s no San Francisco romance that I feel compelled to share here. Instead, when I’m sitting back at home, thinking that I miss someone in San Francisco, that person is … my chiropractor.

And yes, sometimes I feel a little bit new age-y … a little bit yuppie … telling people back home that I can’t wait to get back to the city because I miss my chiropractor, but after all that the woman has done for my life, I’m willing to let those feelings slide. I’d always had vague back problems – that stiffness in the shoulders, that ache in the lower back … For years, I attributed it to bad computer posture (ah, the tribulations of writing for a living!) and assumed that there wasn’t much to be done about it. Then the pain got out of control, so I tried a few massage therapists who offered only brief relief. Then I tried a chiropractor back home, which turned out to be a mixed blessing because I would always feel great for the first day or so after seeing him and then I’d have to be right back in his office. When I moved here, I ignored the pain, and then I again tried a chiropractor who didn’t pan out.

I’d pretty much given up and resigned myself to being some sort of miserable hunchback. To cheer myself up, I started researching what disability pay I might be able to get if I couldn’t do my work because I couldn’t sit up straight enough to type. And in my research, I came across a website for Meakim & Stern Spinal Care, a local chiropractic office which provides a unique type of chiropractor care called N.U.C.C.A. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made my first visit to Dr. Stern’s office, but I certainly didn’t expect that a few months later, she’d be the person I most missed every time I left the city!

N.U.C.C.A. is a form of chiropractic care which differs greatly from the standard chiropractor which one might generally see. There is no awkward twisting of the body and no terrifying cracking sound. In fact, the touch used in N.U.C.C.A. is so gentle and non-intrusive that I immediately wondered if it could possibly be doing anything. The results speak for themselves. Several months after meeting Dr. Stern, I don’t need to see her nearly as often as I once did (although I like to, in part because the office, although entirely professional, is warm and cozy and the staff is always welcoming and friendly). And I don’t hurt like I once did, which I suppose means that disability pay is not in my near future and I’d better get back to work!

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