Thankful in SF …

Okay, okay, I admit it – the holidays make me get a little bit maudlin. I’m a tough girl, but as I was sitting amongst my friends last night, drinking good wine selected by our group’s up-and-coming sommelier and watching RENT for the millionth time and singing along with Christmas carols that we all hate to admit to loving … I felt that sense of emotional nostalgia filling up my heart.

The holidays make everyone get a little bit snippy – starting with Thanksgiving, probably peaking today in the Black Friday lines and continuing through the vacations and houseguests in to the New Year … but the holidays also make everyone come together a little bit closer and see each other a little bit more, and if we can take the time to focus on what we enjoy about each other’s company and what there is to be thankful for, that feeling in our hearts just may last throughout the season.

So, to start the list, here are some of the things in San Francisco that I am thankful for:

• Activity. There’s always something happening in SF if you care to take advantage of it. And you can try something new all of the time.
• Beautiful people. Okay, so it’s shallow – but I am thankful that I live in a city where I can look around me at any given time and see all different kinds of beautiful people.
• Diversity. Tolerance. The open-minded “only in SF” attitude. Sure, it often goes without saying, but it shouldn’t. This is an amazing city where people can mostly do as they please and no one will blink – it’s a live and let live place in ways that most other cities in this country are not.
• Instant gratification: If you want a cab, you can usually step outside and hail one. If you need an ATM, you often need to look no further than around the corner. And if there’s some random item (or act) that you desire, you can post on CL and it will be there.
Limited Release Movies. Yes, I’m still thankful!
• Public transportation. I don’t know if I can ever again live in a city where it’s a necessity that I have a car. And I love that.
• The hills. Yeah, so maybe I complain a little bit when I’m walking up and down the worst ones – but I sure feel healthy when houseguests are panting and asking between breaths, “how do you do this?!” And they do afford amazing views.
• Theatre. Live plays are happening here all the time, often in affordable venues, and in genres to suit every style. It’s the best kind of drama to have in one’s life.
• Water. I’m from the desert. There’s a bay and an ocean here. ‘Nuff said.

And most of all, I’m thankful for the good people that I have in my life out here. I’ve got friends all over the world, but living here has allowed me to meet more wonderful, interesting, active people than ever before. And sure, some of that is my attitude and openness to such meetings. But I think it’s also something about living in this city. Someone once told me that the thing about SF is that the people who are here are here because they want to be here. It’s too expensive for many people to just kind of “end up” here – so people here are excited about being here and they want to be involved in things here and they’re open to meeting new people. I also think that, because of the activity of the city and the cost of living, people who stick around here tend to be those who are vibrant and dynamic and motivated … creating a terrific pool of people to select friends from – and for that, I am endlessly thankful!

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  1. rabbit (unregistered) on November 27th, 2006 @ 3:09 pm

    As a new transplant to SF, well put. :) I don’t know how many other cities I would have had an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner mere days after I moved in.

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