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Included are links to SF’s Usual Suspects website that has posted a large map graphic by David Latterman showing the percentages of voters in different parts of the city during the last election. The heaviest turnout of over 50% was in the outer avenues, and close to that in most districts where supervisor races were to be decided, and less than 35% in Chinatown & Bayview Hunters Point.

Daniela Kirshenbaum has written a lengthy post election piece for Fog City Journal on some growing disenchantment amongst District 2 denizens with so-called “Mystery Supervisor” Michela Alioto-Pier, who maintains a home in St. Helena and has vague City Hall office hours and a somewhat spotty attendance record for Supe’s meetings.

Of interest to parents with kids in SF’s public schools, “Left in SF”‘s, Kim Knox posts the results from an analysis she did of an official SF school district document handed out this weekend that is showing the trends in the top choices of SF parents to send their kids too…

Word of an emergency Critical Mass scheduled for outside the Mexican Consulate in solidarity with Oaxacan protestors at 4pm Monday has local bicyclists a buzz.

Meanwhile, back in District 5 Diary blogger Rob Anderson’s cyber turf, he continues to take much flack from irked bike nuts & anti-car zealots. Anderson, a former D5 supe candidate in ’04, had an election day victory, not at the polls, but in court in where his lawsuit slowing down SF’s “Bike Plan” was upheld.

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Riling up the city’s vocal community of bicyle enthusiasts is a decision by California Superior Court Judge Peter J Busch, who upheld a June injunction set in a lower court that the city’s “Bike Plan” cannot legally circumvent the California Environmental Quality Act. The CEQA is a 35 year old law which requires public projects to undergo meaningful reviews if they’ll affect the environment. This week a commentor at lawsuit sponsor Rob Anderson’s site merely called him “a cynical dickhead”, while an anonymous post compared the litigious and victorious thus far Anderson to a “serial killer or rapist”. Unlike the anonymous insults he receives, Anderson is unabashed & unashamed of his position, and has stirred up a feisty fury over his so far successful legal lawsuit based on the contention that the SF Bike Coalition‘s “Bike Plan” cannot do an end run around the standard Environmental Impact Report required for most planning issues.

The Associated Press this past week released a two part two-part political journalism piece on their wires about Arnold Schwarzenegger giving out job appointments and pay raises for posts he once said were a waste of taxpayer money and should be eliminated. Some of the appointees were given pay raises of up to $30,000 in jobs for agencies the Governor originally sought to abolish. That’s one compassionate conservative…

On Tuesday at 2pm the board of Supes are having what I can only imagine is a “too little too late” type hearing on the proposed SF 49ers stadium plan that was voted on by the public when Willie Brown was “da Mayor” . Folks from Lennar Corp are expected to describe the various aspects of the plan to the stuped Supes who’ll no doubt all look, various parts pissy while politely posturing, looking cooly concerned, somewhat snide & no doubt absurdly authoritative. Me thinks they must’ve just got the memo that the NFL team this was all proposed for are no longer interested in it. Me thinks the odds of Peskin carrying the Olympic torch up Columbus anytime within the next decade also may be limited by certain recent events.

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