PS3 and “Angels and Airwaves”

On Thursday night, crowds gathered at the intersection of 4th and Mission to listen to music and pass the hours in anticipation of the release of the PS3. Over seven hundred people were camped out in lines which wrapped around the Sony Metreon building and crossed the street to the Moscone Center. The city of SF and the heads of Sony must have been aware that restless waiting can cause problems, because the former staffed the area with plenty of police security and the latter provided entertainment. Starting at about 8 p.m., the intersection was nearly completely closed off to accommodate a makeshift stage for a free concert by “Angels and Airwaves“, best known as the “new band with that guy from Blink 182“.

The free show was not highly publicized, seeming to be designed more as a means of crowd control than a true attempt at promotion. This meant that the crowd was small, consisting primarily of those people who were already in the area to get their new PlayStation. Couched between the skyscraping buildings of the area, it had the effect of creating an entirely intimate setting with the luxury of being outdoors. Concert lights danced through the fog, the music reverberated down the street corridor and MUNI buses moved slowly through the mess. The concert wasn’t amazing, but the setting was spectacular and the price was certainly right – especially for those PS3 purchasers who are currently selling their items on sites like eBay for upwards of $1000 profit!

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