The Coit Tower View

I wasn’t exactly excited about heading up to Coit Tower the last time that I went up there. I had just finished eating pizza in North Beach (North Beach Pizza makes the best garlic cream sauce!) and was ready to go enjoy being lazy in the sun at Washington Square Park. But my sister was visiting and she wanted to get the best view of the city that she could, so she suggested that we walk up to the tower. “It’s just right there,” she pleaded, and I laughed, knowing that the few blocks up the steep Telegraph Hill feel anything but short when you’re walking up them.

Still, I also knew that the view from the top is always worth the strenuous walk, so after convincing her to let my food settle for just a few minutes, we made our way up to the tower. The wind was calm and it was an oddly clear day, so we could see the entire city vividly. It was beautiful. There is no other city in the world that I like to look at as much as I like to look at San Francisco.

It’s not just the city either. We could see the stately red presence of the Golden Gate Bridge. We could see the ferries making their way out to Alcatraz. I pointed out Treasure Island and told my sister that some of RENT was filmed there (although I am not one hundred percent certain that this is true, and I keep forgetting to look it up). We posed for pictures with Lombard Street behind us. But mostly, we just sat up there, breathing in air which is surprisingly fresh for such a busy city, and enjoying the beauty of the nature around us. It turned out that I got to relax after my pizza after all and the effort it took to get there was well-rewarded.

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