The Greatest Softball Team of all Time

Or at least the greatest name of all time: Unicorn Warhammer.

I bumped into an old friend while trying to buy some moped gloves down in Union Square. We played catch-up and she mentioned that her roommate had joined a softball team with the greatest name ever. The team, Unicorn Warhammer, plays here in town against teams with names like KMD, Dwell Magazine, or Anchovies. Seriously, here is the schedule, check the other names out. Their logo is a unicorn with a warhammer instead of a horn, mounting another unicorn. I love this city.

Let’s all take a moment of silence to observe the sheer awesomeness of this.

The roommate has a tattoo of the logo on his batting arm. During an especially tense and important game recently he removed his shirt so that the majesty of his tattoo would blind his foes and ensure victory. It’s a power move reserved for only the most dire moments of softball warfare.

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