Evil Aliens

Listen up — if you are a horror movie fan, I am about to give you the hottest tip on a movie you will ever know. I have known about it for a few weeks, but I made some bad assumptions, such as assuming it would play for more than one showing. If you liked Peter Jackson’s DEAD ALIVE, or adored the EVIL DEAD movies, or secretly wish Whitley Streiber would take it up the ass with a giant spinning multi bladed anal probe, then you absolutely need to go down to the Metreon and see Jake West’s EVIL ALIENS for the one showing it will have. They are showing it in FREAKING IMAX, which staggers me to think that I can watch that much gore on a 3 story screen.

I first encountered this movie via Bruce Fletcher of the San Francisco Indiefest. If you want to find gems, this film festival can produce them like no other. Bruce is a huge fan of schlocky films, as is evidenced by his choice of Sean Connery in ZARDOZ for the Saturday matinee of Another Hole in the Head, another SF Indie festival production that recently played at the landmark Roxie Theatre on 16th Street.

EVIL ALIENS is the second film of English director Jake West, who also directed RAZORBLADE SMILE. It stars an all star (at least in England) cast which includes Norman Lovett, also known to true geeks as the floating disembodied head of Holly the Computer in RED DWARF. The movie is basically a campy mixture of the squickiest bits of alien folklore, ley line superstition, and a British sense of humor via the FORTEAN TIMES.

I saw it here in San Francisco at the film festival. I have followed the website at http://www.evilaliensthemovie.co.uk/ since the moment I got home from that first festival. I liked it so much I pirated it the instant I could. I managed to procure a copy of the DVD by pre-ordering theough Amazon.Com.UK a few days ago, and I will be at the IMAX Showing tonight. Or maybe tomorrow night? At any rate, you should disregard the Comic Book Guy’s review of this movie on that Amazon site — the movie is so freakin’ awesome that I’m about to pee my pants just thinking about it. If you are not in San Francisco but still want to see it, go to the official website and see if it’s playing tonight in your town. It’s opening in more places in future weekends, so check on that as well.

Of course, if you don’t like horror movies, carry on with your decidedly blood-free existance and have a nice life.

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