The Charles Band Roadshow

Last night I had the unabashed privelege of seeing the Charles Band/Full Moon Pictures Traveling Roadshow. For those of you unfamiliar with the films (I use the term loosely) of Charles Band, you are in for a treat. He is singlehanded responsible for the careers of Demi Moore and Lance Hendrickson, giving them their first movie roles. Demi got to star in the insanely bad PARASITE IN 3D and Lance got his start in the Stuart Gordon directorial masterstroke THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM.

Charles (don’t call him Chuck) brought his roadshow to the Rickshaw Stop last night, before an audience of maniacal horror movie fans. Sponsored in part by the San Francisco Indiefest, this show wasn’t so much a plea for people to buy more of Mr. Band’s movies as it was quality entertainment. Although the mysogynistic obsession with ‘hot chicks’ was a little annoying to me, the rest of the crowd loved it. He encouraged (and got) a female member of the audience to flash us, and chopped the head off another female member of the audience. I suspected the girl in the blond wig was a ringer, but covering up that sort of thing was never Mr. Band’s strong suit.

Mr. Band stood on stage and told anecdotes about his travels and working on mvoeis. This is a guy that shoots a full length feature film in TEN DAYS, so he has some stories. Interspersed with these tall tales are clips from his movies. He had an amazing story to tell about my current favorite movie of his, THE GINGERDEAD MAN starring Gary Busey as the voice of a homicidal man-shaped cookie. Of course, all this shilling was for his latest film starring Tommy Chong, entitled THE EVIL BONG. I’ll give you three guesses as to what it’s about.

If you missed this show, don’t worry — he’ll probably be back next year for the San Francisco Horror Fest in February.

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