Only in SF

Yesterday was just a typical Wednesday in the city for me, albeit a busy one. I worked, lunched and went out on the town, and normally, that might not offer a story to share with readers interested in city life. But there is nothing normal about San Francisco, a city where a normal day on the town exposes you to a diverse range of people and situations.

The day began at home in North Beach, where I worked for a few hours on an article I was deadlined to have completed about a trip to the Cliff House. I attached my pictures of area beaches and then saw that it was time to go out to lunch. I stepped out of my house, looked to the right and saw the croooked bricks of Lombard and to my left to get a glimpse of Coit Tower hovering in the fog above me. I walked through Chinatown to the financial distrcit where I met my lunch date.

Lunch consisted first of checking out one of the fancier law offices downtown, which affords an expansive twenty fifth floor view of the bay, and then grabbing dim sum at a nearby restaurant. Conversation ranged from Fringe Fest plays to issues in the Bay Area legal field. When lunch was over, I made my way to the corner booth of a financial district coffee shop and spen the afternoon working on my laptop. The afternoon consisted of power suits whizzing in and out in search of caffeine, lingering readers sipping coffee over books and journals, and long lunches between office employees not wanting to go back to their day jobs. It was still a typical Wednesday.

After work, I met a friend and we made our way to his apartment to drop off our laptops and other belongings. We walked through the tenderloin where I darted my eyes away from illegal activities it was better not to see. A far cry from the law offices down the street, but a standard part of San Francisco city life. We made our way to the library where we attended a film screening which was part of the celebration of Architecture in the City Month going on right now in SF. Only in SF would a filmmaker have the idea to bring together a hippie junk collector, a team of contractors and leading area architects and the city’s building code inspector in a project to complete the building of a beautiful architecturally-sound house made entirely of junk salvaged from local dumps. Only in SF would that project find support and achieve completion in less than a month’s time, to stand on the lawn of city hall and be explored by residents and tourists alike. The house was on display last year and the film yesterday included a Q&A with the team who headed the project.

From there, we were starving, so we made our way to a noodle house where we enjoyed fine dining and strong drinks. Drinks don’t get stronger anywhere else and fine dining can’t be found nearly as easily elsewhere as it is in the city. After the dinner was complete, we attended a fundraiser event for Under One Roof. The fundraiser was a country themed drag show in the Castro, complete with Dolly Parton songs and two-step dancing. Raffle tickets were sold at a flat rate of $10 for a length of tickets from floor to crotch. Prizes included tickets to this weekend’s Gay Rodeo and goodie bags of porn. Added events included an auction of the shirts right off the backs of the Midori boys. Only in SF.

After leaving the Castro, I caught a cab to head home. My cab driver was in a mood, randomly yelling at people on the street while we were stopped at red lights. He got engaged in a socio-poliitical argument at one red light, which ended with him telling the pedestrian to “think positive”. As we pulled away from the light, he added with a yell, “IDIOT!” I called a friend to chat while I was in the car, figuring that if the cabbie didn’t get me home, at least someone would know where I was at. The friend was at a bondage dance club and invited me to join. I directed the cabbie to head that way.

Only in SF can you go from lunching with lawyers to learning about environmentally conscious community projects to raffles with country drag queens to dancing with goth bondage fans. And only in SF does no one blink an eye at any of these things. When people ask me what I love about SF, this is what I have to share with them – you can do absolutely anything that you want to do here without harming others and no one is going to pass any sort of judgment on you. This is a city which wants to have fun and which welcomes in the eccentric people with open arms. If Las Vegas has the slogan that what happens there stays there, SF should have the slogan, “Only in San Francisco … And It’s Okay!”

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  1. anna (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 1:33 pm

    Oh I was doing jury duty during the installation of that house- I’ll look it up, and thanks for a great post.

  2. cd (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 2:25 pm

    the city does have the slogan “only in SF . . . .” not the last part, but the first part, check!

  3. Victoria E (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 4:05 pm

    I have no excuse for my days not being this exciting – I’m in SF!

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