Alameda County Drivers…

…drive slowly. Seriously. Today, my mother and I had to venture out of Livermore into the South Bay and Peninsula, with our final destination being Redwood City. Coming back, we went over the Dumbo and into Fremont. Our problems started when we decided to take Niles Canyon Rd. instead of 680. First, we are stuck behind a blue PT Cruiser, probably going 10 MPH under the speed limit (45). Luckily, that person turns off at Palomares Rd. We make it another mile or so before a blue Audi (blue cars are evil?) pulls right in front of us, going 30 miles an hour. Then we notice a sign in the rear windshield. “Rookie Driver,” it reads. I want to sob.

You’d think it’d be over by now, right? Wrong. After all, things come in threes. As the rookie driver Audi goes straight, we turn left on to Pleasanton Sunol Rd., thinking all would finally be well. Once again, how wrong we were. A measly 1/4 mile up the road, a red truck turns into our lane. A mud flap proudly declares it to be property of “Tom’s House of Hydraulics.” Reluctantly, we mosey on down the road. Finally, we reach Pleasanton and 4-lane road. Finally.

It could have been much worse, I know. Traffic could have actually been backed up and whatnot but it was still quite frustrating to see the Sunday drivers out in full force on a Saturday.

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