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Third Street streetcars

Some of us have heard of the Third Street light-rail project for awhile now, and it seems that MUNI is finally testing the new Muni Metro route with a few streetcars (So now if you see a Metro train down Third Street, you’ll know why). The “T-Third” line would connect Potrero Hill, Bayview, Hunters Point, and Visitacion Valley to downtown. Muni is saying that the official opening for the line will be April 7, though they hope to have a limited weekend service starting in January 2007.

The new light-rail extension runs between Bayshore Boulevard and Sunnydale Avenue in Visitacion Valley at the Daly City border, and 4th and Berry streets near the Giants ballpark in China Basin. At China Basin, the route is integrated into the existing Muni Metro operation — transporting passengers through the Market Street tunnel to Castro Street.

Prior to reading the SF Gate article, I had no idea the Third Street line was supposed to serve as a “gateway” to the city’s poorest neighborhoods, to allow them increased visibility and bring about a “neighborhood renaissance.” I am highly skeptical that a simple streetcar line will affect this kind of change, but perhaps I’m not seeing the bigger picture here. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have extra Muni routes in the city, and now I have little excuse to not visit friends in Potrero Hill.

This is my view right now


This is my view right now. I took over a conference room at the San Francisco office of my company today. Since I am used to working in a windowless office in San Jose, I am completely distracted by the goings ons on Market, and the fog rolling in. I love it.

Local Crime Highlights: Dognapping! Inept car thiefs!

Some highlights from the weekly report of North Beach/Chinatown/Fish Wharf crime: Monty games are back, a guy discovered a car thiefin his car, and… dog-napping, interrupted. Oh, and … it’s all about the Uniform.

” The victim opened his trunk on the 1300 block of Jones when he noticed a suspect inside his vehicle. He chased the suspect to Jackson and Jones where he waited for police to arrive. The suspect was arrested while attempting to hide under a parked vehicle. ”

Oh that’s another smart criminal.. hide under a car. no one will see you! Ha ha.

Update: SF Remains in running for Olympics!


Updating Marks earlier post, the USOC website has announced that SF remains in the running for host of the 2016 Summer Olympics alongside Chicago and Los Angeles. Not advancing to the next phase of evaluation were Houston and Philadelphia.

I’m not sure how the city collectively feels about this, but in my humble opinion this is an incredibly positive sign for San Francisco and the communities in the city and surrounding. I think by all accounts the winter olympics held in Salt Lake City were an incredible boon to the local economy and SLC’s standing in the world community.

Similarly to when we had the debate over the new Ballpark, I’ve already heard grumblings about traffic and related quality of life concerns if we are indeed awarded this honor. All of which seem to me to be typical of San Franciscans, we often look a gift horse in the mouth. I really hope any opposition to this is rooted in some sensible dialog and not the standard knee jerk reaction we see on many high visibility concerns in our city.

I’m looking forward to seeing the olympics in my hometown… Are you?

Transit in the news

Muni Metro service was slowly coming back up to speed after an M train derailed this morning at the Embarcadero switch. Reports on KCBS radio said Muni workers issued confusing or no directions to commuters and shoppers who were coming into downtown from the outer neightborhoods.

SF to compete for Olympics? Decision today

The U.S. Olympic Committee today will announce a list of U.S. cities to compete as the final U.S. applicant to hold the 2016 summer games. San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia are the others still in the running.

Is this really a good idea? More thoughts after the jump.

Am I fifteen again?

fashion at H&M

What is it about H&M that makes me suddenly think that it is a good idea to wear a red mini skirt or turquoise lace stockings, maybe at the same time?

I was at the H&M store on Powell today (not to be confused with the one on Post on the other side of Union Square), and I was once again happy to find that I could, if I wanted, buy my polo shirts and corsets all in one stop. However, I also found out today that H&M, while only having West Coast stores in San Francisco, is a bit less exotic the farther east you go. Someone told me that they have a store in Cleveland, and many other less-than-exotic locales. Nothing against those towns. I am just saying that it takes away from the European-coolness factor.

Your love is all I think about


I saw this on the sidewalk in Hayes Valley this morning.

CityPass Rocks

coit.jpgNext time you have visitors and know you’re going to hit some of the gems of SF, buy one of these: City Pass. Unlimited rides on the cable cars, (5$ a pop per person), entrances to key museums, and a ride to Alcatraz. A savings of about 55$. I wish I had known about this a few relative/friends visits ago. Sister- who is local and works at a local museum- forwarded this to me because she thought the SF Metblogs community might benefit!

Spans 9 days too. Youth rates- 39$. Kind of flexible: you have an option to swap out the Asian Art for the Natural Science, and you can swap out the Alcatraz for a Bay Cruise. Neat!

This reminds me of the cool MUNI tokens that I found out about after living here for 5 years.

In California, the story is power

A Flex Your Power sign on a California freeway
Yep, it’s another “Flex Your Power” day, as the state power grid is again challenged by high temperatures (check Cal ISO status).

The real culprit? After the break.

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