Now Pay Attention!

Mr.jpg  The best way to describe my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Macy, would be a Gregory Peck type as in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” From our teacher we learned more than just the the 3 R’s. At the end of the school day he would offer us little pearls of wisdom.

One afternoon Mr. Macy impressed upon us the importance of paying attention to our surroundings. When walking down a street, entering a building or a room he told us to observe the people around us. Making quick mental notes of their age, hair color, clothing and then one thing that made each of them unique. We should do much the same with vehicles. He said that it might be useful if not immediately, it could be at some point in the future.  

I was reminded of that 5th grade lesson when I saw the SJPD Cold Case site. The Cold Case Detail, of the Homicide Unit, is dedicated to solving some 200 unresolved cases.  Even if you think that you would never have information related to a homicide you might be wrong. What might seem insignificant to you could be just that piece of information that helps solve a case. It could be as simple as something or someone noticed in everyday life. While out walking the dog or picking up laundry did you see something suspicious or perhaps a car pulling away a little fast at the time of one of the murders?

Now pay attention to the SJPD Cold Case site.

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