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How I got free drinks at Santana Row

blowfish.JPGFriday night was unprecedented for me. I got three free drinks for no reason at all. It was such a fluke that I’d thought I’d tell you about it. The rest of the experience, however, was so Santana Row. During the day, Santana Row is for shopping, but in the evening, the restaurants and bars take over. But, they all look much more fun from the sidewalk, and almost all of them close by midnight.

It all started at El Jardin, the tequila bar on the boulevard area of Santana Row. Like every place on Santana Row, it looked a lot better from the outside. (continued after the jump)

Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical


The horror, the horror! Okay, so if you haven’t seen the 1978 porn classic Debbie Does Dallas — which I sincerely believe should have been called “Hair” — you have three options:

1. rent it, watch it, weep openly while reclining in a bathtub filled with Nair
2. alternately: pound finish nails into your gums for 80 minutes
3. go see the local premiere of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical opening August 18th

Snip: “‘Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical’ was created by Susan L. Schwartz for the New York Fringe Festival in 2001. The story, dialogue and characters are mostly faithful to the original film, performed as tongue-in-cheek spoof; the music features instant classics like ‘I Wanna Do Debbie’ and ‘The Dildo Rag’. After playing to sell-out crowds, it was picked up and had a successful 4-month run Off Broadway in 2002.”

In an email they tell me, “It’s sort of a nostalgic throwback to the days when even porn seemed pretty innocent; the atrocious dialogue is mostly faithful to the original film, with added jokes and camp from 30 years of accumulated homage. The music is catchy, the choreography hot, and we’ve cast talented comediennes instead of porn stars to make it, well, watchable.” More info at Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical – San Francisco.

Countdown to ZeroOne

So far this year’s Grand Prix looks like a winner for most of the merchants of our South Bay city. After the race the street crews will need to get things back to normal as soon as possible and the hotels and restaurants will have just a short breather before the next group hits town.

This August (7 -13) nearly 150 Artists from 28 cities around the world and 25 cities in the U.S.A. will find their way to ZeroOne San Jose. The visiting artists will use technology as a tool to create some fantastic visuals including exhibits, live cinema, performances, music, dance, tours, and workshops.


The Opening Celebration, ZeroOne San Jose, on August 8 will be held at the San Jose Museum of Art in the Circle of Palms at 8pm.

Looking at the ZeroOne homepage I found an overwhelming amount of information and activities. There is a tour, The Free Soil Bus Tour, that will travel from San Jose to San Mateo. It will stop at the Stanford Linear Accelerator. On another tour, an opportunity to visit IBM and see one fast computer, IBM’s Blue Gene. (cute name)

Paul Rubens’ Day

So much is going on today: San Jose Grand Prix, Gilroy Garlic Festival, North Beach Jazz Festival, and now I know* that it’s also Paul Rubens’ Day- he’s Pee Wee Herman. This is how SF feted the man in 2004. This is how we do it in 2006:
The Dark Room, 2263 Mission St @ 19th
9pm, $7 in -wee wear
($10 in un-wee wear)
From group, “Clips from the VERY PORN Paul Reubens was watching when arrested! ”

Of course, there’s a

* Thanks to the Film Yard employee who told me about PR Day.

Now Pay Attention!

Mr.jpg  The best way to describe my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Macy, would be a Gregory Peck type as in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” From our teacher we learned more than just the the 3 R’s. At the end of the school day he would offer us little pearls of wisdom.

One afternoon Mr. Macy impressed upon us the importance of paying attention to our surroundings. When walking down a street, entering a building or a room he told us to observe the people around us. Making quick mental notes of their age, hair color, clothing and then one thing that made each of them unique. We should do much the same with vehicles. He said that it might be useful if not immediately, it could be at some point in the future.  

And the Winner is…San Jose!

We cabbies in San Jose typically don’t get many flags in the suburbs. So, I was a bit surprised when this morning I noticed a man waving for me to stop. When I asked him the proverbial “Where to bud?”, he said, “The race.”

The race being the “San Jose Grand Prix”

There were already a good number of race fans downtown and traffic was backing up so I dropped him within easy walking distance of a gate. We could already hear the exciting rumbling of the engines. If you are going to the race or just need to avoid the traffic cbs5 has a good site. Note: Bring earplugs.

Tony Blair coming to SF today

blair.jpgBritish Prime Minister Tony Blair will visit San Francisco beginning today, the Chronicle reported — the first-ever visit to the city by a sitting British Prime Minister. Blair will make the usual rounds, according to the story — dinner with former Secty. of State George Schultz, the Delancy Street nonprofit housing and job-training center, and Silicon Valley.

Perhaps he could give Gavin Newsom some pointers on that suggestion by local supervisors that the mayor undergo a weekly “question time” session.

Any other suggestions for the PM? How much you want to bet he’ll swing by Glide Church?

Something about a Car…


This was parked in front of the new-old Fior D’Italia on Mason near Trader Joe’s. Why? Asked the valet working nearby and he said it had nothing to do with the hotel or restaurant.

I’m not positive, but I think it may be something called NHRA, and the FRAM-AUTOLITE NHRA Nationals in
Sonoma, California this weekend. From the ESPN2 site. I think it’s something to do with drag-racing. All I know about drag racing is that my cousins made some tidy cash one summer fixing up cars and racing them, or so they said. That’s why it’s hard for me to believe this beautiful hunk of metal is going to be part of a drag race.

Overheard, while I was taking my photo.

Girl to guy: “Why are you taking a photo of that? You don’t know what it is!”


absinthe-glass.jpg Last night, Lauren and I went to Absinthe for a quick postprandial drink before she had to head back to San Jose (don’t worry, she was quite sober before she headed out). We discussed blogging, and I said that one of us should write the place up, so here we are.

The bartenders at Absinthe are dedicated to the art of the cocktail–they love them, and they make them wonderfully. Lauren’s selection, the Mujer Verde, is shown to the right: Hendrick’s gin, lemon-lime juice, simple syrup, and “a dash of Green and Yellow Chartreuse.” The overall effect was almost savory, a bit like coriander. I had a Vesper, the drink that James Bond famously ordered “shaken, not stirred” in Casino Royale. It was good, but I think I prefer the all-gin martini. Next time I go to Absinthe, however, I’m going for something a little more distinctive. An easy order to fill for them, as they have a very long list of house cocktails with names like Brazil 66, Daedalus, and the 21 Hayes (“concocted by Dr. Schwartz to provide relief to those arriving at our door by way of San Francisco’s Municipal Railway”). Check it out next time you’re in Hayes Valley.

Massive gas leak! Neighborhoods being evacuated!

There is a massive gas leak at the Ortega Post Office in the Sunset that can be smelled over 10 blocks away. The police just said that they are evacuating surrounding neighborhoods. If you can smell the gas, don’t light up!

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