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Driven Out

Mayor Gavin Newsom most likely does not have a smile on his face after hearing the news that Heidi Machen Executive Director San Francisco Taxicab Commission, an appointee of the Mayor, was removed from her position without his knowledge.

In an interview, this morning on radio KGO, he alluded to the fact that Ms. Machen was “by the book” in an industry that was, to say the least, very complex.

As a taxi driver myself, I know of the complexities. The cab busines is like no other.

Is it garbage day, Ron?

photo by Peter KaminskiRon Gonzales is indicted because of a controversial trash contract, and for the first time ever, my trash isn’t collected by the time I leave my house on garbage day. Is something going on here?

Laughs Are Free

image by James T.

Last week I happened upon the Java on Ocean Free Comedy Showcase, and was entertained. Hell, I even stayed for two more comics. The coffee is always good and I love the comfy, worn-in furniture.

Java on Ocean Free Comedy Showcase
Wednesdays from 7-9PM.

1700 Ocean Avenue (between Jules and Faxon), SF. (415) 333-6075. The K-Ingleside stops at Jules and Ocean.

photo by James T.

Charles Chocolates: Local Confectioner

ConfectionsEarlier this month, your humble correspondent (as well as a few other local writers) was invited to a chocolate tasting and factory tour at the local confectionery Charles Chocolates in Emervyille. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity! Who doesn’t want to taste chocolate?

I had seen Charles Chocolates’ wares in local markets before. With its well-designed labels and packaging, their products caught my eye. But with so many choices for chocolates and confections in the sweets aisle at my local market, I did not know how to differentiate them from the rest other than their fabulous packaging (hey, a designer sees what she sees). Firstly, I did not know that they were a local company (a fairly young company as well, although Charles (“Chuck”) himself has been in the business since 1987). Secondly, I was not aware that Charles Chocolates was a confectioner as opposed to a manufacturer, opposed to say, Scharffen Berger. A confectioner makes just what the name implies, confections, and concentrates on creating candies. A chocolate manufacturer concentrates on producing mostly just chocolate.

I must say, Charles Chocolates has the art of confection down.

Lady and Kid – statues at Ferry Building


Luckily my chat-friend Jen Tharp showed me the way. It was a mystery to me, what this was, but then she linked me o’er to Laughing Squid, and yes, it’s a Burning Man sculpture donated to SF from the Black Rock Foundation. Thanks Jen for explaining random public art!

From Laughing Squid:
…it’s the amazing sculpture created by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito, which was installed on San Francisco’s Embarcadero by the Black Rock Arts Foundation. The new Pier 14 opened to the public at the same time.

San Francisco to hire nude women to protect the Bay Bridge

nakedbridge.jpg According to the great bastion of journalism, The Weekly World News, we’re going to get some hotties to protect our freedom. If this were only true… Either way it’s a good read.

“We’ve hired 25 young, beautiful women willing to remove all their clothing and station themselves at strategic points on and approaching the bridge,” explained San Francisco Police Public Information Officer Bruce Onder.

Read the article

A Juxtaposition

I was walking back from Trader Joe’s when I saw this billboard:

A Juxtaposition

I’ve never been there, and so I can’t say for certain, but I find it improbable that the Stud‘s traditional clientele would be interested in a set-up with the St. Pauli Girl. (I know the Stud attracts a fairly diverse crowd, but the contrast is still striking.) Perhaps the brewery will branch out and make an ale called Minneapolisi Boy, with a brawny German lad wearing lederhosen on the label. Heck, I’m not even gay and I’d buy a bottle of that.

Field Workers, Bus Riders, World Cup

So my brother in law said that migrant field workers were representing their country of origin (or adopted?) with World Cup colors. I took this photo in Castroville, but was too far away to see if the colors were significant.

A Demurrer Day in Court

San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales and his wife Guisselle Nuñez.

This afternoon, at 1pm, I walked into the Hall of Justice Department 24 of the Superior Court and I took a seat. I found myself sitting directly across from San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales and his wife Guisselle Nuñez.

Except for the bouncing of his left leg and his heal clicking on the courtroom floor,
Mayor Gonzales sat with his eyes closed only opening them to respond to something said by his wife. It would be a long half of an hour wait for the Mayor, until Judge Rene Navarro made his appearance.

We all rose as Judge Navarro was seated. After the formalities were out of the way, the Judge asked if the Mayor was ready to enter a plea. Attorney for Mayor Ron Gonzales, Allen Ruby, asked if the court would grant a demurrer for a future date. Mr. Ruby suggested July 26th. His request was granted for that date at 1:30pm.

Along with members of the press, I rushed out in an attempt to get photos and any possible statement from the Mayor. Dodging the huge cameras I did my best to keep up. I only managed a shot of the Mayor’s rear. The Mayor and his wife were whisked away in a town car.

Girl, I Wanna Take You To A Gay Bar

My friend Miss Jessi got me out of my sunday pajamas (and blues) yesterday to go “terrorize gay bars” with her, and it sort of turned into an informal “girls crash Castro bars” afternoon. Which is something we’ve talked about doing for at least a year, getting dressed up and just venturing into the all-male enclaves and sort of either forcing them to tolerate us being there, or possibly having a really good time. We wanted the good time. What we got is after the jump.

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