To Do: Gay Pride, or BarCamp???

So it’s inevitable, two events will coincide that you’re interested in. And you think: wow, it sucks that they’re on the same weekend. It’s livin’ in the city. Tons of people, tons of things to do, and while your laundry languishes and your plants die of neglect, you want to cavort around in the city attending everything and anything. Friends are going to Barcamp, friends are attending Pride, I’m going sailing, but anyways, I digress. I’m going to write now about the two events (one huge, one just geeky) that is going on this weekend in our City: barcamp, pride.

Gay Pride. I’ve climbed a pole (haha) to see it, when I first moved to the City, then I got to live in the Castro (it’s a privilege!) and experienced the joy hands on. Funny moment when my parents tried to leave the area, and I told them definitely not to drive up Market, but they insisted, as they’re locals in the sense that they have an opinion, but surburban enough to not have the informed opinion (ahem), basically, naked men ended up dancing on their car hood. It was funny to hear about later on

BarCamp. The geek party lives on, at the location of One Market. Bad news: a little bird told me that the A/C is going to be off on Sunday. Good news: Ritual Roasters is serving coffee there! It’s free, it’s open to the public, and it’s super geeky.

One wonders: are no geeks gay? Are gays not geeks? Reminds me of Chinese New Year parade conflicting with war protests two years ago. Does this mean Chinese-Americans are not anti-war? Are anti-war not Chinese-Americans? Ok simplistic logic puzzles done.

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  1. Stefani Allison (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2006 @ 2:43 pm

    I wanted to go to Pride this year but we ( my partner and I ) decided that it isn’t appropriate for our 2 year old daughter to see the naked old men dancing around on the street.

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