Thomas Hawk assaulted taking photos at 45 Fremont


Lots of people who read blogs like this one know that local photographer Thomas Hawk likes to take pictures around town, sometimes taking pics of architecturally interesting buildings where rent-a-cops hassle him for — taking photos of the buildings. The threaten him, they lie to him, they say they’re cops. But today, a man claiming to be a police officer and refusing to provide identification or proof, assaulted Hawk while he was at 45 Fremont Street taking photos with other local photographers.

Read his account of what happened.

(Thanks, Scott.)

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  1. Chester (unregistered) on June 6th, 2006 @ 7:50 pm

    Glad that this is posted so that the story gets out.

    One suggestion: it would maybe be better if the picture used on this site to illustrate the post were the picture that Thomas took of the alleged assaulter, head-on, as opposed to a profile of him in a picture that is primarily focused on the security guard who didn’t assault him?

  2. violet (unregistered) on June 7th, 2006 @ 10:23 am

    a) I like this picture better

    b) the security guard in this photo is *complicit* — if you read Hawk’s post, you’ll see that Hawk took this guy’s picture (and posted it) for a reason

    c) from an editorial POV: Hawk’s post lead photo was the solo shot: as a blogger, author, editor I feel it’s good policy not to *imitate* a post stylistically. I’m here to draw attention to things, not copy others’ posts, so I try to be careful to create original content whenever possible.

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