vloggerpic.jpgThose crazy kids — you know the ones, the neighbors in the Mission Vic next door with all the awesome-sounding parties and really cute freinds and all the antennas sticking out of their windows and you think you might be getting free wifi off them — they’re having a really big party in June. That’s right, the seriously evolved geeks with cameras from at least 15 minutes in the future at Geek Entertainment Television (and Five Fingers of Power and more) are producing Vloggercon. It’s the sexy mutant conjoined spawn of Webzine 2005 people and their posse; in the words of their 2.0 doublespeak:

“Vloggercon 2006 is the intersection between media-makers and technology. A space for dialog and interaction. Of creation and collaboration. In the past year, videoblogging has grown into a myriad of forms with a worldwide voice. Vloggercon is a two-day collection of round table discussions about the emergence and the future of this new medium; not a series of lectures. Just starting a videoblog? No problem! Vloggercon is chock-full of workshops! (In fact, we won’t let you leave the building without starting your first videoblog.)”

Vloggercon 2006 will be held June 10 & 11 at the Swedish American Hall, 2174 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94114. Tickets are $40 for one day, $60 for both days. No videoblogger will be turned away. Save $10 by getting tickets through the website. It’s sponsored by Blip.tv, Serious Magic, Yahoo!, Outhink, Peachpit Press, Click.tv and Xolo.tv.

Being from the salty loins of Webzine peeps, I can only wonder… will Miss Webzine 2005 make a cameo? Will the redheaded stepchild of Gawker lurk in the shadows, watching? Will clueless VC’s use the word “snark” in their schwag in a pathetic attempt to tap into the “youth market” like the old guy at the hotel bar who always tries to give me his unsolicited phone number at every convention? Will we all do embarrassing things on video in exchange for alcohol/sex/shiny things/cool stickers from Scott? Hopefully; yes; yes; and an enthusiastic yes.

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