The best $14.95 you could ever spend

Let’s face it folks. Some of the best Web 2.0 (is anyone getting sick of that term yet?!) companies come from the Bay Area. And what are Web 2.0 companies famous for, other than awesome products?

Kick-ass parties. But I’m not here to talk to you about the parties. And I can’t. Since last fall, I’ve been missing out on some really good ones cause I live a little too far North, and hate taking the Golden Gate 80 (and it’s 4 billion stops before getting into the city) to get to ONE party.

And what do I miss out on? Schwag. Some of the best schwag come from these parties, and damnit… I’m tired of missing out.

Fortunately, the wonderful folks at Ruby Red Labs have heard my cry, and have a wonderful solution. Valley Schwag:

Out here in the Valley (Silicon Valley, that is) we’re well known for cookin’ up a mean tech company. But our real legacy is our schwag–the t-shirts, ballcaps, notepads, stickers, keychains, and other booty blaring the slogans that create new industries (and sometimes landfill, sorry to say). Until now, these world-class collectibles have only been available to the elite few who make it to conventions and insider parties. Now you can have a little piece of the valley without the $3000 rent and two hour commute.

Amen brothers (and sisters). Take my money, gimme my schwag and nobody gets hurt. =)

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