Brief Conversation

Upon stopping at one of my fav cafes in Potrero Hill, I noticed quite a few guys in plaid and jeans standing out front and around with earpieces on. They didn’t look like construction workers so I assumed they were part of a film crew. Potrero Hill is used often for various indy and studio pictures. Inside, I sat down next to three of them and pulled out my laptop, and casually listened in on their conversation.

Guy 1: “I can’t believe he was late to call today, I mean, isn’t Noon late enough?”
Guy 2: “Yeah, some balls on that kid”
Guy 3: “So, he goes up into the apartment and fetches out the pimp and the girl?”
Guy 2: “…and then?”
Guy 1: “What happens next?”
Guy 2: “I thought he went in the side door?”
Me: “So, are you guys shooting in the area?”
Guy 2 (Shocked) : “Shooting?”
Me: “Yeah, you don’t look like construction workers, nice radios”
Guy 2 points at Guy 1: “I think he’s a police officer”
Me: “Oh.”

I then realized that they thought I meant “shooting” as in “pow-pow” . Outside, I could now see some bulkness on their belts, underneath large sweatshirts. They ignored me the rest of our meals. Almost rudely. I wanted to make a comment about “three large men in plaid eating chicken-salads on greens”, but I kept my mouth shut. I felt a little silly for the confusion, but at the same time, and as the barista pointed out, they were in plain clothes and hiding everything but the earpieces, and that while they get a 50% discount, she doesn’t always know who’s a cop and who’s not.

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