A Jim’s Restaurant Sunday

You been here?

Today I was reminded yet again why I heart the Mission. It was early afternoon and I was hungry. By then, I was about midway through a thrift store shopping odyssey and I needed a break. Looking around, I assessed my options and stepped into Jim’s Restaurant, lured by the espresso on the menu.

I actually ordered the cappuccino, and while it wasn’t even close to the perfection of cappuccino in Ethiopia, and the food wasn’t much either, Jim’s was a great dining experience.

Why, you ask? The people, I say.

Jim’s is populated by my kind of people. Fun. Real. Happy. Not the pretension of a fancy diner or the annoying smugness of an all-Vegan one, Jim’s is just there. The staff laugh as they work and the patrons are relaxed and take their time with breakfast. It has the worn and warmth of a comfy sweater and is a perfect mid-shop break.

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that they have a cute waitresses or two, either.

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