A [Pop] Cultural Day in the Park

Recovering from the bar exam and with nothing in particular to do, I wandered down to the new deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.

I’d been admiring the exterior during a few of my park runs since it opened. For a large, brown, metal behemoth, I find the building surprisingly warm. It should be off-putting as hell. But it just isn’t. And every square inch of it – from the display cases to the doorways – is art. Art within art, surrounded by art, standing on art.

Because I’m never sure how much photography is allowed within the galleries, I kept my shutterfinger happy outside. Here’s a sculpture that a friend recognized as T2’s T1000.

Looking back at the building from the (slightly under populated) sculpture garden outside the museum’s cafe, I caught this light/wall play. This view made me wish I were a better photographer.

Also worth checking out on the grounds is some sort of sunken art/astronomy/theatery thing that I couldn’t find a sign for but seemed to me the perfect place for high school visitors to sneak off and make out in. Okay, the perfect place for me to sneak off and make out in. Seriously, though, it was empty, hidden from view, and it had benches. It’s either for making out or its an incredible safety hazard.

There’s even clearly genetically engineered fruit available. This may be my favorite sculpture in the garden, next to the giant safety pin which to me seems like the long lost cousin of the Bow & Arrow on the Embarcadero.

So if you haven’t been there yet, makes plans to check out the deYoung – and don’t forget your camera. There are ample photo spots in the gallery, around the grounds, and don’t forget the tower – you can see your house from there. Promise.

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