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Yes, She’s As Pissed As She Looks


So, after a dramatic evening of my cat (Rumble) driving herself insane with constantly licking herself raw all over and running around in a non-stop frenzy, I took her – late night – to Pets Unlimited – which has 24-hour veterinary care. Although I was repeatedly bumped back and had to wait quite a while because of several truly life-threatening (and sad to watch) subsequent cases, I can’t speak more highly of the care once it was her turn. (Dr. Chu, you rule!) After an incredibly thorough and thoughtful examination, mundane verdict was: it turns out she was having an allergic reaction to fleas. This, despite the fact that during repeated inspections, I never even spotted one on her. I guess only one or two can do it. (Being an indoor cat in a 3rd floor hardwood studio apt, I can only surmise my carpeted hall trafficked with shaggy neighbor dogs to be the culprit.) Anyways, I know some people gripe that this place can get pricey. But they are a non-profit, providing adoption and shelter services in addition to medical care. And they also do a lot of great work with the community besides. So I have to give them a shout out for being so professional and, yes, humane. (Rumble is currently not too happy with their handywork however.)

Miss Extends!

Worthy of my $20

My dear SF, may I alert you to a change in dates, a change in time, and yet still great fun? The amazing, funny, worthy Miss is extending its run at the Shelton Theatre (533 Sutter Street, near Powell) to April 29th, 2006. It’s a solo comedy about Internet-based dating written & performed by Leslie Beam.

With its late start time, 10pm, you can make it the highlight of a very fun night. Better yet, ticket prices are reduced for late night time slot, $20 at and in keeping with the nature of the show, there is a dating center in the lobby of the theater for you to post your online dating profile.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find quality like a cute polygamous sex worker boy.

High-Tech Walk of Fame

Image Hosted by Hollywood has its Walk of Fame honoring show-biz celebrities but what does Silicon Valley have that says, “Take a look at our technology gurus?” Nothing–yet. San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales has proposed spending $50,000 for a Walk that would showcase the people who began it all. Names like Hewlett-Packard, John Doerr, Larry Ellison, Jim Clark, Stanford professor Fred Terman, known as the “Father of Silicon Valley,” and Jobs and Woz. The Tech Walk would fit nicely downtown San Jose around the Caesar Chavez Park. I don’t know if the names should be placed on a star or on some other symbol.
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The best $14.95 you could ever spend

Let’s face it folks. Some of the best Web 2.0 (is anyone getting sick of that term yet?!) companies come from the Bay Area. And what are Web 2.0 companies famous for, other than awesome products?

Kick-ass parties. But I’m not here to talk to you about the parties. And I can’t. Since last fall, I’ve been missing out on some really good ones cause I live a little too far North, and hate taking the Golden Gate 80 (and it’s 4 billion stops before getting into the city) to get to ONE party.

And what do I miss out on? Schwag. Some of the best schwag come from these parties, and damnit… I’m tired of missing out.


Nothing to do on a Thursday?

I’m in grad school part time, and last fall, I bemoaned taking classes on Thursdays because it seems anything that’s fun to do happens not on a Friday, or Saturday, but Thursday. If you’re in the mood for lots of “spirits” tonight, check out these events, and maybe I’ll run into you!

The Scene at Saks – Even though I’m basically broke, I can’t pass up the opportunity to “celebrate getting dressed up for spring” and keep my “shopping spirit in check” while shaking my booty to the live DJ and downing “flirty” cocktails (though who can I flirt with since guys aren’t allowed, and I have the best boyfriend in the world anyway). Happening today from 5-8pm on the 5th Floor of Sakes 5th Avenue.

Absinthe Brasserie’s Thursday Night Bar School – I happened to spend St. Patty’s day at the deYoung’s member preview of the International Arts and Crafts Exhibit. So I’m doing a wee bit of post-St. Patty’s merrymaking at Absinthe’s Bar School, featuring Irish Whiskey (Jameson’s, John Powers, Bushmills 16 yr. Malt). Don’t miss it tonight, from 6-9pm at Absinthe in Hayes Valley. Say hi if you drop by!

W Hotel hosts “Where Art Lovers Lounge” in honor of San Francisco based artist and graphic designer, Rex Ray. Takes place at the W San Francisco tonight from 7-9pm.

Latin Art Strikes a Beat in San Jose

Image Hosted by

Joe A. Diaz has brought a portion of his vast collection of Mexican-American art to share with us here in Northern California.

The exhibit Arte Caliente! runs through June 11th
San Jose Museum of Art
110 S. Market Street in San Jose
Admission: Free

KKSF 103.7 will hold a private showing of the exhibit this Friday March 31 at 6pm.
Hors d’oeuvres, and live Latin jazz with guitarist Ray Obiedo.
Ticketmater or at the door.

On the subject of Latin art,

Cool video. Not so cool music

I found this cool video of a computer simulation of the 1906 earthquake magnified 1000 times to show off the effect. Only thing you will want to do if you click the link is turn your volume down. It’s got some seriously grating audio in the intro. And maybe squint a bit.

How the ground moved in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, exaggerated 1,000 times for effect.

The whole world at your fingertips

Sorry things are a little slow around here. The weather has been a huge bummer as you know. So with that in mind we figured why not let you peer into the whole wide Metroblogging network with a single RSS feed. You can see posts from Bangkok to Boston as they happen. Just add the following link to your RSS news reader and off you go.

And on the subject of being a little slow around here we’re going to be opening up new author sign-ups next week so if you want to join us here as an author on MBSF that will be your chance! Stay tuned for the announcement and until then enjoy the rain, and the feed.

Now how much would you pay?


Ok, I’m sick to fucking death of going into a laundromat in the mornings after it’s rained only to find the dryers being used by armys of homeless people drying their filthy, greasy and stanky ass clothes without washing them first. Then they have the nerve to ask me for change while I’m scouring for the lone dryer that has been left somewhat clean from the night before. It makes me want to either carry a big ass bum beating stick or start my own chain of members only laundromats. $5 a month gets you carded entry, clean machines and facilities and piece of mind that you won’t be hit up for anything more than a spare dryer sheet while you do your laundry in peace. If we throw in free wi-fi and we could probably get some venture capital to start it up. Who’s with me?

Blame it on the rain…


I left Chicago all those years ago because the winters were such a downer. Man do I feel at home this month! 22 out of 28 days of rain this month has almost everyone I talk to ready to slit their wrists or move to LA, although I hear it’s been pretty crappy there this winter too. But as you can tell from the distinctive lack of daily photos on the site recently it’s been tough to go out in the city lugging camera gear when you don’t know when the clouds are going to blow in and dump all over you. But in anticipation of a great April I started doing some research on walking tours in the city and I ran across the SF City Guides website.

According to their website City Guides, founded in 1978 , is a non-profit organization with more than 200 trained volunteers who lead FREE history and architectural walking tours in San Francisco. We are sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library and are a project of the Tides Center. Join us for a walk along the streets, sidewalks, and byways of America’s most beautiful — and fascinating — city!

After sitting inside staring out the rain covered windows that will hit the spot! I love this city for it’s sheer walkability to begin with and this is even more of an excuse to get out and see it. From all the places in the country I’ve lived San Francisco is without a doubt the best city for walking that I’v ever lived in and I’ve said so on this site many times. Many many times :-) Why go to the gym and run on a treadmill when you can get to somewhere scenic with fresh air in a matter of minutes from almost anywhere in the city? Just go outside and start walking or running or riding your bike or whatever it is you do! For the most part it’s an amazingly safe city (until they start taking all the handguns that is) so why not enjoy it on foot.

SF City Guides offers tours 52 weeks a year, rain or shine with approximately 30 different walks each month. Check out the schedule if you are in the mood to get out of the house. I know I sure as hell am…

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