11pm News Flash

Tonight’s late breaking news: Metroblogging is run by a duo and I just met 1/2.

Or maybe the two parts of the 1/2 (the man and the woman who puts up with him). Might that be 1/4 + 1/4? No matter the math, I just spent an evening with Jason D, one of the Metroblogging co-founders and I have only one impression: joe-cool.

This would have nothing to do with all the free beer he plied me with, or his woman’s sparking personality or stunning beauty. No, I’ll give Jason straight-up props for being a cool guy all on his own. And as a shocker, surely to give Tom a pause, we even agreed on handgun control in SF + DC.

So my SF Metblog reading fools, there are people behind this screen. Or at least we say there are…

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