All Together Now: Awwwww

The Oakland Zoo’s newest resident is a 2 week old baby giraffe nicknamed “Brave Little Toaster” (a name I’ve always enjoyed and frequently employed, despite the fact that I find its cartoon-namesake to be quite scarring for kids with that whole Blankie character, but I digress). Also worth noting, giraffes is nassty:

The giraffe in question, however, would never be mistaken for an electrical appliance. When he was born on Feb. 6, he weighed 150 pounds and was 6 feet 2. Since then, he has grown 2 inches and has gained 20 pounds. . . .

Giraffes, wholly improbable creatures to begin with, live in a world where monogamy is an alien concept. Half the Oakland herd is on birth control to avoid having giraffes popping up, or out, everywhere. On the other hand, lone bull Kodjo can have sex with the females whenever they allow it.

“They can choose to copulate as often as they’d like, but we can control it,” Kinzley said. “It’s a very quick process, a couple of seconds. The lead-up takes longer — he nudges her with his head and tastes her urine.”

At 16, Tiki is a veteran of such encounters. The new baby is her fifth calf, and the Oakland Zoo’s 10th giraffe offspring in a decade or so . . . .

Add “see cute baby giraffe” to my To-Do list. I mean, look at these baby pictures – how cute are they!

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