Big #$^#%& Deal: I’ve been doing this around town for months now

Oh, but I’m studying for the bar, so it’s part of the territory . . . .

Edinburgh Castle is hosting a celebration for what I think is one of America’s least celebrated – at least before 10pm and not on broadcast television – cultural traditions: swearing.

Fucking A.

Yes, the bar is holding a Swearing Festival this weekend to celebrate “all things profane with words, song, dance, and Vile Oaths contest.” And hey kids, it’s educational:

Cuss words are cultural markers, revealing what society deems to be obscene. Black said he was surprised to learn that profanity was censored in the Middle Ages, when there was a “master of rebels” who would flog those with foul tongues. “It’s a class-based judgment,” Black notes, “depending on who’s saying it, there are different perceptions of meaning and intent.”

In that spirit, Black has lined up quite an evening of naughty words. First comes a panel discussion featuring Stanford University’s Jonathan Hunt, journalist Andrew Orlowski and author Beth Lisick (“Everybody Into the Pool”) to discuss media, culture and cussing.

Then there will be a mass swearing experience, a Most Horrible, Vile Oaths contest, classic cursing film clips, a swear sing-a-long, a crash course on foreign bad words, and a dance party, which Black predicts will encourage more epithets.

Dude! Sign me the fuck up! Oh wait, I’ll be having my own private swearing party wherever I’m studying. But you can bet your sweet-metblog-reading asses that I’ll be swearing along in spirit – and in fact.

The Swearing Festival, 7 p.m. Sat. $10. Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary St., S.F. (415) 885-4074.

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