Overheard this morning…

As a social experiment (on myself), I have gone this entire week without listening to my iPod on the way to work. This has been torturous on many levels, not the least of which involves actual interaction with other people before I’ve had the chance to be awake-but-in-a-daze for at least an hour. This morning, though, I hopped on the N to make my way to work and thought, “this is going to be a great – though iPod-less – day”. Why did I think this? First, because the N drops me off soclose to my office that I can nearly sleepwalk there and second, because the crowd on the N is generally more entertaining than on any other train (save for the K during “leaving the club”) hours. This morning was no exception….although I do have to say that I prefer to see the folks on their way home from the Power Exchange. They smell better. But in any case, an overheard conversation from this morning is below, for your reading pleasure.

Man #1: So she doesn’t give a F(!) about me – or the 4 kids – she just likes the dogs.

Man #2: The dogs? They’re some ugly motherf…s!

Man #1: Man, and I was going to give them to you. She’s gonna kill ’em!

Man #2: Kill the dogs? I thought she was going to kill the kids?

People begin staring…

Man #1: She gonna kill the kids, too. They’re big and fat and ugly and smell.

Man #2: But it ain’t their fault they smell – they on the street!

Man #1: Without saddles.

Man #2: I don’t know why you guys ever got horses in the first place.

(cut to: a group of people sitting near the two men trying to decide whether or not the horses were imaginary)

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