Simple As Do-Rey-Mi, SBC, ATT, Baby You And Me!

Beer companies everywhere cursed their kegs today at the news that their SF themed neon lights will have to be changed AGAIN to reflect the new name of Pac-Be–, er, SBseeyoulater, make it AT&T Park.


So SBC is acquiring AT&T and, much like that rare old-school bride, is taking AT&T’s name. You know, I’m not a business historian, but how is it that all these big communications companies can be re-merging again?

So the change comes because marketing shows that “AT&T” is almost universally recognized in the U.S. It’s cool though, not like San Franciscans aren’t thrilled at yet ANOTHER name change for The Park Fromerly Known As Pac Bell.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as there are garlic fries to eat and Giants to mock, I’ll still go. A ballpark by another name still smells as beer-like! But seriously, settle on something already.

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