Piss Where?

I just recently read an article in this weeks Guardian entitled “Pissing in Tiger’s woods” about how “so much money” went to Harding Park’s renovations and have left other City parks without restrooms. Well, it infuriated me a bit, because, with the exception of the clubhouse, there are not any restrooms on the course either. So, if you plan on playing Harding Park, you better go before or be prepared to wait until the turn. There are two areas with porta-potties – but COME ON…who wants to use a porta-potty after spending $100+ bucks on a round of golf? There should be more research before bashing. Below is what I wrote to H. Brown of SFBulldog:

I just read the article “Pissing in Tiger’s woods” in the Guardian.
I completely sympathize with your outrage with public park politics
here in SF, but also let you know a couple things about Harding Park.

Things aren’t always what they seem. The renovation of Harding Park
was accelerated due to the tournament, but some very important key
things weren’t completed, or looked over all together. Tiger didn’t
have a bathroom either, unless he walked back to the clubhouse, which
was completed just 8 weeks ago. There aren’t ANY restrooms OR
drinking fountains on the course. The customers are forced to use
porta-potties (with no option for hand-sanitation) and buy water from
the beverage cart. From my understanding, there were two fountains
on the course at holes 2 and 14 that were removed during
renovation. There are two slabs on the course supposed for
restrooms, with no intention in sight.

The clubhouse isn’t finished either, while it may look so
aesthetically, a few key things are not finished on the inside, and
the basement has been flooding. The same half-assed-ness that
applies to other parks in SF apply to Harding Park. From what I was
told, the last of several construction companies bid a million
dollars less for the final contract, and as the saying goes, “you get
what you pay for”.

He wrote back with ” ….that means they’ll be spending another couple of million to get the
course finished? Let’s see. It made money every year it was opened
until they ‘renovated’ it and now it costs 10 times as much to play,
uses 20% of Park & Rec budget and loses money? But, what’s a
picture with Tiger worth? … Priceless.”

The course isn’t run by the City, but by management company Kemper Sports, the City oversees all agricultural and the initiral financing. So, in order to get anything done, one would first have to go through Kemper Sports and then the City of San Francisco. What a mess.

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