So glad to be back in the land of the gourmets

Due to a family emergency we’ve been out of the country for about a month, traveling in both Spain (Eivissa, or Ibiza) and Iceland (Reykjavik and vicinity). It’s been interesting, doing an adult trip with adult issues as well as a kid trip with something worthwhile for the wee ones daily. (Here are mine at Parliament Fields, Thingvallir, Iceland).


I’d hoped to be posting from overseas, but ‘net access was spotty without some serious work. Now that we’re back in our fair city I want to express my deep pleasure at living in a place which is (1) reasonably warm, (2) offers a staggering choice of well-prepared cuisines, and (3) at an often reasonable price.

More than once, whilst eating either over-priced or poorly-prepared fare, I said to my wife “we eat like kings in San Francisco”. Sometimes it just takes going away to really notice what’s here. Ohhhh, I’m glad to be back.

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  1. k (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 10:35 am

    Er….? You were in SPAIN and were felt a lack for a great meal? Interesting.

  2. mickey (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 10:53 am

    Well, actually, as I mentioned above, I was on the island of Ibiza (Eivissa). The range of cuisine is somewhat limited, although you can get really great paella and a million variations on alioli.

    Even “on the peninsula”, as they say, I found the restaurants somewhat lacking in verve. Yes, Spain has had a recent renaissance (or, perhaps a bit of trendiness, what with Ferr

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