Driving School

As a supplement to CD’s “WTF Parking”, I’d like to school those drivers (local and visting) about proper turn-signal etiquette.

1) Do turn on your signal at least 100′ before your turn.
2) Do NOT sit at a light and then turn on your signal to turn left when the light turns green.
3) Do NOT leave your blinker on if it doesn’t turn off automatically.
4) LOOK before turning on your signal, and do not jam into oncoming traffic. Wait your turn.
5) Do NOT make a turn without using your blinker.
6) Do not slam on your brakes to make a right-hand turn.

If everyone followed the above or actually read their DMV Manual, traffic flow in the City would flow much more efficiently. If everyone knows where everyone is going, driving would be a safer experience. I might just have to start carrying my bullhorn to let you know, obviously my horn isn’t telling you enough. Additions to this list welcome.

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