Even more fun with Muni

Stupid people suck
I took a walk down to Ocean Beach this morning with all the intentions in the world of a leisurely N Judah ride home and maybe stop by one of the many restaurants on 9th for some lunch but it was to all go horribly wrong. It started with a 45 minute wait for a train because according to someone else who was waiting with me, a person had sat down on the tracks on 9th and refused to move until the police arrived to do it for them. So we have inconsiderate asshole number one. Inconsiderate asshole number two arrived with the train to Ocean Beach in such an odd fashion that none of us waiting could even say anything at all. We were totally speechless. A homeless person was riding the train by sitting down, legs outstretched across the coupling between the two cars. As it pulled into the stop we all just watched in wonder. I was trying to get my phone camera out to take a photo when the train started moving again. The guy who I will refer to as simply “The Asshole”, didn’t get up but just sat there much to my own personal dismay. Ya see, for those of you who haven’t been to the Ocean Beach stop on the N terminates with a rather sharp turnaround for the trains. And when the trains turn the cars get REALLY close. Too close to enjoy the ride you might say. So when the train took off and the guy didn’t get up I figured he was going to get the picture really fast and jump or have a bad bad bad day. I was angled so that I couldn’t see his feet anymore once the turn started so I assumed that when the cars straightened out and he was gone that he had the good sense to jump off. That was until the last car passed a crumpled up body on the ground in the fetal position. A group of people on the other side of the train who had seen it happen were running over to help him in a panic. The Asshole obviously hadn’t jumped. He was basically shat out of the cars as they squeezed together crushing some good bits in the process I imagine. People ran up to the driver of the car and told him what happened and thus the trains stopped running and out came the emergency crews. He was still alive when they put him into the meat wagon and there weren’t too many signs of trauma except for a grimace of pain I’ve never seen on a human and some moderate blood from a head wound. But you could tell he was going to have a very bad day. Which is pretty fair in the grand karmic scale of things from the hold up he caused out of his own sheer stupidity. So if you were wondering why you had to wait an hour and a half for the train today this was the reason. And for those of you who could just kill the stupid people who hold things up, you can rest easy tonight knowing the universe takes care of business every now and again.

I did stick around for 45 minutes to let the police know what I had seen and I just got off the phone making an official statement on the incident so my civic duty for the day is a wrap.

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