Demon looking for roommate in Silicon Valley

I have a coworker who’s currently looking for a place to live in the South Bay. She’s working the “looking for roommate” listings angle and so far she hasn’t had much luck. Today’s possibility was a guy who emailed her back with a wacky From line. I forget the first name, but the last name was “Demon”… we were trying to figure out if it was a D&D reference or what. After she went to meet with the guy and look at the place, she called me to report.

“So he was short and wore a button-down shirt, and I get the sense he has a Napolean complex, which means I’m the type of woman he wouldn’t want to live with.”

My coworker, for reference, is six feet tall and doesn’t back down from hardly anyone.

Unfortunately, she didn’t find out what was with the demon thing. “I wanted to ask,” she told me, “but I expected him to look more geeky. He was wearing more of a banker-type button-down shirt, the kind with the stripes.”

And everyone knows demons don’t wear stripes. They clash with the flames. Though I suspect they look good with the BMW—it is Silicon Valley, after all.

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