We are so gay

Gridskipper alerted a few of us here that they were running a “world’s most _____ city” poll and little ol’ us won “World’s Most Gay-Friendly City” with 68.8% of the vote.

I am shocked and amazed.

No, seriously, why even bother with that category? Either it’s true and everyone knows it’s true, or it’s not true but everyone’s* been suckered into thinking it’s true due to decades of hype and media and art and stereotypes so running a poll on it is going to be predictable any way you cut it. (The pollsters gave a hat-tip to this fact, saying: “Next time, this poll will crown the ‘World Most Gay-Friendly City Besides San Francisco.'” Cheers.)

Anyway, seeing as they also had a “World’s Most Lesbian-Friendly City” category (winner: Seattle) I’m assuming that by “gay-friendly” they meant “gay-men-friendly” meaning screw all the bis and the trans and the genderqueers and whoever else. That could set off a whole discussion about subculture stratifications and “gay ghetto”-ization and blah blah blah and I’m not really interested right at this moment, so instead, I’ll point you to Larry-bob’s list of queer stuff to do in SF because it’s more inclusive and really, you’re here, you’re queer, you should have a beer. Or maybe do something more original.

* And by “everyone” I mean “68.8% of people who feel Gridskipper is their source for totally unscientific polls because their readership can’t be that diverse because who the heck’s heard of Gridskipper?” …Well, maybe you have. 237 weblogs at the time of this writing have. I’m admittedly out of the loop sometimes.

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